Campus champ

Three-year online course on advanced technologies ,which will help you to create a strong footprint in front of the interviewer way before your campus interview. 

This course will give you end-to-end and in-depth idea of real-life industry-level project implementation

Course Duration : 3 years  , Course Fees : 20,000 ,  Exams :  200 ,     Demo Class : 2 Weeks , Schedule: 1 hour,3 day/week, Mode : Instructor based Online ,Installment:  Yes ,Suitable For : 1st Year Students 


Programming Language : Python , Java ,Py spark

Database : Snowflake , Oracle , Big query 

Front End: HTML,CSS, Javascript , Angular or React 

Cloud Technology: GCP and AWS Data engineer Track(Most Demanding)

Devops : Terraform , Jenkins  , ansible .. more  

Exams : 100 Exams 

SEcond Year-Year of building STRENGTH

Web Technology : Java and Django 

Data Security and Orchestration Management : Denedo

Project : 50 projects on AWS and GCP and web technology , E2E solution build 

BI Tool: 

Data Modelling: Erwin and Real life concept build

Exams : 50 Exams 

Aptitude Test : 1 / week


Project Work : 20 project , Build end to end industry benchmark projects . 

Aptitude Test : 2 / week 

Communication and Way to Appearance Test : 1/Month Till interview 

Mock Interview , Group Discussion , Company question paper solve .- Every week

Market yourself: A way to market yourself confidently 

Know Your Mentors : * as some of them are industry professional so not always they willing to provide social links ,but some of then may provide . their social links available below 


  Balwan Singh  

principal data architect at Parsons Corporation , USA 

Industry experience : 18 years 

Debabrata Roy 

Senior Data Engineer and data Architect,India

Industry experience : 16 years 

Souvik Roy 

Principal Cloud Architect, India 

Industry experience : 18 years